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What About Parking?

YES we have garage parking. And it's FREE! Parking restrictions can make you dizzy and spaces are hard to find most days so garages are essential if you are bringing a car.

There is a garage under the house with Free Parking for one Economy, Compact or Mid-size car  (NO Full size, Van or SUV - Maximum 88 inches wide and 190 inches long and 70 inches high - Contact Us if you have questions).  

A Mid-Size car will fit but an Economy or Compact is recommended if tight spaces and backing 30 feet would be a challenge for you.  

Is it Important? Without a doubt! San Francisco, like many large cities, makes a great deal of money giving out parking tickets and they are very good at their job! There are many signs to read before you leave your car parked on the street. Street cleaning takes place at least once a week and the ticket is $76 just for missing that little sign.  

What about Public Transportation?

 It is really quite convenient and usually cheaper than getting around in a car.

Monthly visitors should consider buying a Clipper Card and Weekly visitors and 5 or 7 day pass (click here for complete fare info).

Catch the #5/5R Fulton bus one block from the flat.

You can be downtown at the Powell Street cable car terminal in about 20 minutes, just a short walk from Union Square shopping. Or you can transfer to the street cars or underground Metro and continue to the Ferry Building where you can browse the Farmers Market or take the ferry to Sausalito. 

The same bus takes you in the other direction to Golden Gate Park in about 5 minutes or Ocean Beach in about 20.


Catch the 21 Hayes three blocks from the flat.

Take it all the way to the Ferry Building. At the Ferry Building where street cars can take you all along the water front to Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and Ghirardelli Square and to the Baseball park and Dog Patch. 

See our Public Transportation links on our Discover San Francisco page. 

How and When will I get my Security/Loss deposit back?

We normally issue a refund within two days of your departure (one week maximum).

Our agent notifies us soon after your departure to us know that the house was left in reasonably clean condition, without damage or loss of property and that the conditions of the Agreement were met.  Guests receive email notification from us when we authorize the refund.  

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Payments made are not refundable except for Security Deposits.

Travelers are encouraged to consider Travel and/or Cancellation Insurance policies. 

Find examples at this site: http://www.insuremytrip.com/  

Baby Coming Along?

 We have a Pack-n-Play and a booster chair with tray.  Be sure to request it in advance.

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